Pohjolan Liikenne route 57 photos

24 Tammikuu 2020
Hi there!

My stay in Helsinki has come to an end, sadly and unexpectedly.
During the past 2 months, I lived in Kontula and rode route 57 a lot.
I tried to shoot different bus types serving route 57.

The photos are

I planned to stay till June originally, but everything came too sudden. I'm leaving few days later, there's so much I still haven't filmed.

But at least I enjoyed my 2-months stay. Everything is so nice here. It's a pleasure to ride on the M100 traincars and Valmet trams.
Finns are nice and helpful. Special thanks to the creators of kuukankorpi.com and bussitutka.fi! The websites helped a lot.

After I'm back to home, I'll upload more pictures that I shoot in Helsinki. They will be shown here.

I really hope to revisit Finland in the future. But it's a goodbye for now. Näkemiin!