The remaining Ikarus - HelB 411

24 Tammikuu 2020
Hi there! I'm an exchange student currently in Helsinki for 5 months.
Appologies that I can't speak Finnish.

Everything here is new to me and I can't wait to explore the buses here.
I just began to shoot, so the quality isn't that good.


(Click here for higher resolution image)

This was the first time I saw HelB 411.
I actually missed it when it was heading to Kannelmäki, then I waited 1.5 hour in Kamppi for it to return. LOL.


(Click here for higher resolution image)

This was the first time I rode a Scania L94.
I took a photo of it after it had arrived Kannelmäki.
Thanks to the bus driver who parked it in a nice spot!

Thanks for reading!
Please give me some feedback :D

You have taken very interesting photos.

Today, Scania L94s are only reserv fleet of Helsingin Bussiliikenne. Some years ago, these buses were everyday vehicles.

More photos:

Helsingin Bussiliikenne series 400.

Helsingin Bussiliikenne series 300.

Helsingin Bussiliikenne series 200.
Scania L94s in the Helsinki Region can also be found operating for Pohjolan Liikenne, fleet numbers 801-806, 813-815 and 838. They are still in service until at least the end of the year. You can check out where they are going at